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The Jarman Prize Shortlist 2020

Photo credit: Ellen Rogers

Filmmaker Michelle Williams Gamaker has been shortlisted for the Jarman Prize 2020 with The Eternal Return.

The Eternal Return is the final instalment of the Dissolution trilogy which allows characters from Powell and Pressburger’s Black Narcissus (wild film) to become conscious of their role and place in the film itself, the empire and the 21st Century all at once. Michelle’s films are sumptuous pleasures and while immersing us in visual delights they also re-focuss the lens on traditionally marginalised characters so much so that they take charge of the films. Her combination of thrilling formalist and intellectual artistry with a love of Hollywood cinema is delicious.

I love working with Michelle, stepping onto her sets feels like a step into her imagination. She manages to smudge reality with her vision before the film is made. I love all the artists she surrounds herself with especially my fellow actors Krishna Istha and Catherine Lord

who are featured in the clip below:

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