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Char Char ~ Witchy!

Book tickets for my brand new show here:

One Night Only!

February 25th 2022 10:40pm is the witching hour.

Why in the world does Char Char want to be so very witchy? Is everything in our lives might a cult? Or merely a multi-level marketing scheme?

Deconstructing images of the divine feminine, mapping myths, excavating old stories and unquashable folklore, Char Char descends into the underworld on a sacred quest to unveil (or invent) a spirituality that honours her body and the earth. While grappling with the familiar devils of our age (patriarchy! white supremacy! misogyny! etc) Char Char also encounters fearsome, fat-friendly ancient Goddesses, 60s feminist visions and very possibly the solution to the climate emergency. With a little help from the audience, in a game called, “Let’s Make Our Own Religion!”, Char Char ~ Witchy might just save the planet. You’re welcome.

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