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A Conversation with Carlotta de Galleon.

Carlotta: Carlotta is back! I’m back!

Charlotte: I know, I’m excited.

Carlotta: Are you?

Charlotte: Yes!

Carlotta: …

Charlotte: Ok. And nervous. I’m terrified – it’ll be my first time on stage proper post-plague. But I also cannot wait. To be in a room with people. Make them laugh. Hopefully.

Carlotta: And you get to be with me.

Charlotte: I do, yep. I mean, it is a bit weird - re-embodying someone I was a few years ago. I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives since then,

Carlotta: Yeah, it shows in your face.

Charlotte: Thanks.

Carlotta: You’ll have to do your make up well.

Charlotte: Will do.

Carlotta: You’ve got a bit cuddly too.

Charlotte: I know. That’s Covid. Let’s not talk about it.

Carlotta: It’s a pity. We used to be so hot.

Charlotte: I know! I watched a video of the show from years ago and I couldn’t really concentrate – I kept getting distracted by how hot we were. I did not take enough advantage.

Carlotta: I did.

Charlotte: Of course, you did.

Carlotta: This has got off topic, are you going to tell them about where they can see me?!

Charlotte: Oh yes, of course! Carlotta de Galleon ~ A Fool for Love! is on at the Chelsea Theatre on Thursday 26th August 2021 7.30pm as part of the Kensington and Chelsea Arts Festival.

Carlotta: Come and fall in love with me!

Charlotte: And get a free Mills and Boon!

Carlotta: Ciao!

Charlotte : See you there x

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