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Michelle Williams Gammaker

I am so grateful for repeatedly working with award-winning filmmaker, moving image artist, and performance artist Michelle Williams Gamaker.


Fictional Activism

Williams Gamaker's  "work explores the fiction-making machine of 20th Century British and Hollywood studio films by restaging sequences to reveal cinematic construction, and recasting characters to propose alternative endings that counter their often doom-laden plight... Williams Gamaker's key focus is the development of ‘fictional activism’: the restoration of marginalised characters as central figures, who return in her works as vocal brown protagonists challenging the fictional injustices to which they have been historically consigned."

Sumptuous Vision

I worked with Williams Gamaker on Dissolution, "a trilogy of films comprising House of Women (2017),The Fruit is There to be Eaten (2018) and The Eternal Return (2019) in which characters from Powell and Pressburger’s 1947 Black Narcissus unravel as they become aware of their screen and staged realities." 

I loved playing Sister Clodagh succumbing to temptation in The Fruit Is There To Be Eaten followed by Sabu's besotted real-life wife Marilyn in The Eternal Return.

The Eternal Return won the Derek Jarman Prize 2020

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