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Char Char Witchy

Char Char Witchy for VAULT Festival and Galway Theatre Festival 2022



FRIDAY 10 FEB 9:30pm


SUNDAY 12 Feb 9pm

The Pit

Charlotte Gallagher’s brand new solo show, Char Char ~ Witchy!, spirals around Char Char’s spiritual journey as she uncovers why in the world she wants to be so very witchy and whether everything in our lives might just be a cult…

Or a multi-level marketing scheme.

Char Char descends into the underworld (her past) on a sacred quest to unveil -or invent! – a spirituality that honours her body and the earth. Is it possible? With a little help from the audience, in a game called, “Let’s Have A Ritual!”, we might just save the planet. You’re welcome.

Age 15+

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Woman Weaving

A thread in the labyrinth


         Who’s story is it?

Mine, maybe yours, earth’s.

        What does the character need?

Connection to her body, love of it

         Inciting incident?

Movement class, poetry of yoga, Monica Sjoo painting, Mary pregnant through her ear.

         What does the character want?

A spirituality that loves her body and the earth.


The patriarchy, Catholicism, media, lack of connection with body, internalised misogyny, self-hatred, even trying to live up to “divine feminine” images which are mostly man-made.

        What’s at stake?

Her soul, the planet, ending rape culture.

        Why should we care?

Love of our planet. Survival of humanity on this planet, survival of other species, environmentalism. Fullness of humanity.

         What do they learn?

We realise the need to reclaim and love the feminine because it makes us whole, kinder, truly human.

         How and why?

Because binary understanding of masc and fem and degradation of fem is destruction. 

         How does it end?

She is enveloped back into the landscape image?

Colorful Threads
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