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Searlit Ní Gallochoir ~ Fantasy Ireland

Galway Theatre Festival 2019


Searlit Ní Gallachoir ~ Fantasy Ireland

Charlotte - ahem - Searlit, is a seeker. She’s on a quest to discover her IRISHNESS. She’s English, but she has Irish blood, and she’s decided to find the mysticism and magic that Hollywood, romance novels and the Irish tourist board have promised her. She’s packed her bags and moved to Galway. She lives in a little house by the sea. She’s waiting for magic...


But she’s waded into the bog of a very dangerous question: Is she really Irish at all?


Dir. Fiona Wiedmann

Written & Performed by Charlotte Gallagher

Produced by Charlotte Gallagher & Chloe Murphy at TOCHMARC 

Development Colin Watkeys

Dramaturg Peter Sheehy

Filmed at Charlie Byrne's Bookshop with thanks to Vinnie Brown, Morgan Creative, Mike O'Halloran and GTF.

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