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Hi, I'm Charlotte. Welcome.

I'm a theatre-maker, actor, writer and yoga teacher. I make funny, feminist, semi-autobiographical, stand-up theatre pieces. I write plays. I love fearless, naturalistic acting as well as the kind where performers twine around chairs with bare feet. Sometimes I give lectures on literary witches. I'm waiting to be discovered.  Congratulations! You did it! You discovered me! Thank goodness.  

Who am I?

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What am I doing?

I explore difficult, quotidian and/or joyful questions, quirks and curiosities live, in theatrical space, with you.  I aim to be in service to Life.  This means that my work is often feminist, ecofeminist and funny but of course, I reserve the treachery to be none of those things - or more than them all. Whether I'm on a grand stage, in a local library or gathering a moon circle in my living room, I want to help us revel in the pleasure of liveness, remember what it is to be human, to see ourselves in each other and maybe even be surprised by what we haven't forgotten yet.

I dream of a just world where we are fair and kind to all of our planet's inhabitants as well as Mother Earth herself.  This may all sound naive and wafty so I'll leave it to fiercer, grittier tellers to remind us that another world is possible. Because what's this got to do with theatre and acting? Well, theatre, for better or for worse, is all about creating new worlds, and old worlds, and mirror worlds and falling into them and seeing through them and frolicking in possibility.  There is something fascinating about us humans: the-ones-who-know-we're-here; indeed, the-ones-who-know-that-we-know-that-we're-here. So let's play in the here of our choosing for a while, in the in-between place, in the make-believe, in the dream time.

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